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Listen - Act 4: Decluttering - Scene 1

Our dynamic duo throw stuff away. (and yes, we have decluttered these notes).

'Show Notes'

This episode is based around the learnings from Marie Kondo and her wonderful book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.

Darren watched a lovely documentary called 'Minimalism' on Netflix which is worth a watch. It is a strong argument against the need for more 'stuff'.

Darren was desperately trying to explain a new method of folding t-shirts live on air. He failed. Here is an image of what he was talking about.

We have a spot-prize this month of a copy of Marie Kondo's book, signed by Darren and Dermot. :) Anybody who leaves a comment on Facebook or Tweets at us will be entered into the draw.

Note: If anybody wants a broken printer, 20 sky lanterns and a jar of pre-made mojito mix please do let us know.

Our awesome theme tune is courtesy of Podcast Themes.