Listen - Act 3: Gratitude - Scene 1

Rather than giving anything up for Lent, our intrepid voyagers commit to a 28-day Gratitude Challenge. Inspired by research that shows the long-term mental health benefits of practising being grateful, Darren and Dermot commit to six different challenges as they seek to become the two most grateful men in Ireland.

"Show Notes"

Lovely Books

We quote from two lovely books in this episode:

Peace is Every Step - Thich Nhat Hanh:

Happier - Tal Ben Shahar:

Three Good Things

We also talk about the idea of recording three good things. More information and research available here:


We talk about keeping a gratitude journal, we just use a standard Moleskine notebook but we've heard good things about 5 Minute Journal:

Our awesome theme tune is courtesy of Podcast Themes.