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Listen - Act 2: Digital Detox - Scene 2

After a two week exile from technology, Darren and Dermot return (to great fanfare). But will their experiences lead them to giving up social media forever, or will they hook technology back into their veins to make up for lost time?

"Show Notes"

In this episode we chat about a lot of simple tricks to avoid the pitfalls of tech, here are some links:

Moment: We talk about using the Moment App over the past two weeks to track our phone usage. It also tracks how many times you check your phone each day which is good to know! (Dermot definitely won this competition - Darren is too embarrassed to share his. Definitely download this and track your usage for a few days - it might scare you.

Kill Newsfeed: If you feel like you want to stay on Facebook to check messages and notifications, but are afraid of the bottomless pit of newsfeeds Fear no more, this extension lets you check Facebook with a virtual harness on, blocking the newsfeed and reminding you of your vows!

StayFocussed: If you want to limit your time on websites that you deem to be dangerous time-traps, check out this handy Chrome extension. You can choose how long each day you want to spend on these sites and it cuts you off once you reach your limit. Highly recommended for those moments when your willpower fails!

Blocking Websites on Phone:

You can block specific sites on your iPhone by going into General > Restrictions > Websites > then click 'Limit Adult Content' and you can add the websites that you want to block from your phone. This is great for when you are standing in a queue and are being tempted by the devil to just check Facebook for a split second.

Deep Work - Cal Newport

Once again Darren goes on and on about this book which highlights the importance of avoiding distraction and creating meaningful things in the world. Worth a read if you want some extra convincing that this stuff is important.

As ever, we'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Just email us over at In particular, our next episode is about Gratitude, and we'd be very grateful if you sent us on any of your thoughts in advance.

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