Listen - Act 2: Digital Detox - Scene 1

In their second month of getting better at life, our young protagonists pledge to use technology more wisely, and to take a detox from social media. Will they survive two weeks of digital disconnection?

‘Show Notes’

In the podcast, we mentioned two apps, Moment and Checky. You can find Moment here, it's available only for iPhone. If you're on Android, check out a similar app called QualityTime, available here. Checky is available for both iPhone and Android, and you can find it here.

We mentioned two talks by Simon Sinek. Simon's TED talk about "starting with why" is available here. You can hear Simon talking about technology and millennials here.

Darren talked about a great book called 'Deep Work' by Cal Newport which he would highly recommend. Cal also wrote this blog about digital minimalism which is great.

Darren and Dermot both pledged to give up social media for 2 weeks. They'll be deleting social-media and news apps from their phones, and imposing a curfew on phone use at night. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing-list to receive updates.

And if you're joining us on our digital detox, be sure to say goodbye to social media by sharing a link to this page.

Our theme tune is courtesy of Podcast Themes.

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