Darren and Dermot are two Irish housemates who want to get better at life. They know it's possible to thrive in their personal, social and professional lives, but they keep getting distracted by urgent tasks, social media and bright shiny objects. In this podcast they will commit to a monthly challenge to keep them focused throughout the year. Join them and you too could become a total legend at life.

Listen - Act 8: Hobbies - Scene 1

August 11, 2018

Listen - Act 7: Good Morning - Scene 2

May 7, 2018

Listen - Act 7: Good Morning - Scene 1

March 25, 2018

Listen: 2018 - A New Dawn

March 4, 2018

Listen: Act 5: Personal Finance - Scene 2

October 8, 2017

Listen - Act 6: Amnesty

August 8, 2017

Listen - Act 5: Personal Finance - Scene 1

July 9, 2017

Listen - Act 4: Decluttering - Scene 2

June 11, 2017

Listen - Act 4: Decluttering - Scene 1

April 9, 2017

Listen - Act 3: Gratitude - Scene 2

March 29, 2017

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Dermot is a software developer and psychotherapist, with a penchant for long words and malapropisms. When not absent-mindedly staring into the middle-distance, Dermot enjoys yoga, tennis and hand-picked botanicals. He is seeking a slower-paced life with more space to focus on the important things. Darren reckons that Dermot could be a millionaire if he cared at all about money.


Darren is the CEO of an Irish non-profit organisation. When not knee-deep in social innovation he loves meditation, surfing, football and flotation tanks. He dreams of living life at total ease - of being highly productive and successful in all the old-fashioned ways but thriving personally through it all. Dermot wonders how Darren gets through each day with such little attention to the detail of real life.

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